Marion County preliminary election results are in

Marion County residents showed up at the polls today, as well as before today through the mail and early ballots, to do their civic duty and make their opinions count. And Marion County Clerk Tina Spencer and her staff have been working hard. As a result of their efforts, the votes have been tallied and the unofficial results are in.

We will run the complete preliminary results in next week’s paper. The official results will be finalized on Nov 15.

Here are the major race results for now:

County Commissioner

District 4

David Crofoot 408

Amy  Soyez 292

Trayce Warner 97


Mayoral Races


David Mayfield 315

John Wheeler 296



William Harris 89

Robert B. Gayle, Jr. 78


City Council


Cynthia R. Gladdis 21

Dean Snelling 45

Ben Schmidt 69

Kevin Klaassen 64



Gerald Kline 405

Jacob Harper 271

Ruth C.  Herbel 304


Again, all of the above results are preliminary results and are subject to change based on mail in ballots and provisionals. The final results will be available after the official canvas on November 15, 2019.

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