Hillsboro water declared safe

The results of the tests of the Hillsboro water have come in, and the boil water advisory is now rescinded. The water is completely safe.

“The analysis of the water samples that were delivered to the PACE laboratory in Saline came back showing no sources of contamination. We had four test samples of water taken from various places around town and all four came back negative,” said Larry Paine, City Administrator.

The possibility for contamination occurred yesterday after a main pump had broken in one of the water towers. For more details about that, please see our previous post.

The city has been working to get water restored. They have been in communication with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the residents of Hillsboro during the process.

“We spent time restarting the pumps in the water tower and then flushed the system before we took the water samples. Doing that allowed more chlorine in the system to flush. As a result, the water samples came back negative,” said Paine. “The water quality is now certifiably good.”

Paine expressed gratitude to the community on behalf of the city.

“We appreciate the patience of everybody in town having to deal with this. We know it was an inconvenience,” said Paine.

Check the city of Hillsboro website or their facebook if you need more info.