High Voter Turn Out Causes Longer Process for Result Tallying

A local Hillsboro resident checks in so that she can cast her ballot.
A local Hillsboro resident checks in so that she can cast her ballot.


Update at 11:30 p.m.


12 of 31 Precincts have been reported at this time according to the Marion County website.


Hillsboro resident Dana Maxfield has worked at all of the elections the last several years at the Hillsboro United Methodist Church polling site. She noticed a higher turnout than previous elections.


Turnout was great! The first few hours were the busiest as usual, but it was steady the rest of the day, too. We had 1,032 voters show up today,” said Maxfield.


Polls closed at 7 p.m. with results flowing in afterward. More updates will be posted as they become available throughout the next few hours. All results are unofficial until they are canvassed by commissioners. They will be official on Wednesday, November 14. Election results are available courtesy of the Marion County Kansas Elections office:


National races
U.S. House of Representatives—District 1
Alan LaPolice (D) 611
Roger Marshall (R) 1,857


Kansas races
Governor/Lt. Governor
Laura Kelly (D) 848
Kris Kobach (R) 1,406
Rick Kloos (Ind) 16
Greg Orman (Ind) 199
Jeff Caldwell (Lib) 34


Secretary of State
Brian ‘Bam’ McClendon (D) 679
Scott Schwab (R) 1,727
Rob Hodgkinson (Lib) 74


Attorney General
Sarah G. Swain (D) 513
Derek Schmidt (R) 1,955


State Treasurer
Marci Francisco (D) 530
Jake LaTurner (R) 1,927


Commissioner of Insurance
Nathaniel McLaughlin (D) 424
Vicki Schmidt (R) 2,009


Kansas House District 70
Jo Schwartz (D) 291
John E. Barker (R) 602


Kansas House District 74
Stephen Owens (R) 1,385


State Board of Education
District 7
James Hannon (D) 626
Ben Jones (R) 1,785


County races
Commission District 1
Kent D. Becker (R) 1,213


Burns City Council (3 positions)

Kimberly Koop (U) 1


Hillsboro City Council – Ward 1

Brent Driggers (R) 405



Hillsboro City Council – Ward 2

Byron McCarty (R) 461



Judicial Retention

Court of Appeals                                             Yes                      No

Position 1 Stephen D. Hill                              1,720                    461

Position 5 Kim R. Schroeder                          1,757                    432

Position 7 Henry W. Green, Jr.                       1,674                    480

Position 10 Anthony J. Powell                           689                   474

Position 11 Tom Malone                                  1,709                   451

Position 12 Michael B. Buser                           1,419                  730

Position 13 Melissa Taylor Standridge              1,468                  687



8th Judicial District                                            Yes                      No

Division 1 Ben J. Sexton                                    680                     439

Division 4 Stephen L. Hornbaker                     1,615                    484



Special Question

Change to 5-member Commission Dist?               Yes                     No

                                                                              1,340                 1,075