ELECTION RESULTS for Marion County

Marion County voters were out in full force for Tuesday?s election with 60 percent of residents casting ballots in either Hillsboro, Marion, Peabody, Goessel, Burns, Tampa, Florence or Lincolnville.

Of the 7,658 registered voters, 4,512 ballots were counted.

?It was a very good turnout for a gubernatorial year,? said Carol Maggard, county clerk.

Election Officer Rhonda Toal agreed, adding that the only higher percentage in recent years was 2008 with 76 percent of voters going to the polls in the presidential election.

The high number of voters also left little doubt as to who and what political party they wanted in the various offices.

One of the most watched races in Marion County was for state Senator in the 17th District with incumbent Republican Jerry Longbine, appointed to the seat held formerly by Jim Barnett, being challenged by Democrat Jerry Karr of Emporia. Longbine took 70 percent of the vote in Marion County to easily defeat Karr. Ballots cast for Longbine were 2,550 to Karr?s 1,074. Overall, the final total for the 17th District had Longbine with 9,929 votes Karr with 7,385. Karr carried Lyon County with 4,632 votes to Longbine’s 3,882. The district covers parts of Greenwood, Coffey, Chase, Marion, Morris and Osage counties.

In the race for U.S. Senator, Republican Rep. Jerry Moran of Hays easily defeated his opponents in Marion County with 3,809 votes. Democratic challenger Lisa Johnston, a college administrator, received 558 votes with Joseph K. Bellis, independent candidate, capturing 36 votes and Libertarian Michael Dann receiving 53 votes.

The U.S. First District race was another resounding success for Marion County Republicans who cast 3,362 votes for Tim Huelskamp of Dodge City. Democrat Alan Jilka had 962 votes and Libertarian Jack Warner received 105 votes.

In the race for governor and lieutenant governor, Republican U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback was favored by 76 percent of Marion County voters, receiving 3,397 votes. Democratic challenger Tom Holland had 884 votes; Libertarian Andrew Gray, 87 and Reform candidate Kenneth Cannon, 65.

Marion County Republicans enjoyed another landslide by choosing Republican candidate Kris Kobach of Piper, a law professor, as their choice for Secretary of State. Other challengers included Chris Biggs with 1,145 votes; Libertarian Phillip Lucas with 91 votes and Reform Party candidate Derek Langseth with 81 votes.

In the attorney general?s race, Republican State Sen. Derek Schmidt of Independence received 2,972. Incumbent Democrat Steve Six had 1,311 votes and Libertarian Dennis Hawver had 134.

Marion County voters gave Republican Ron Estes of Wichita the nod for state treasurer with 2,981 votes. Incumbent Democrat Dennis McKinney received 1,384 votes.

Although Kansas State Rep. Bob Brookens of Marion and Marion County Commissioner First District Roger Fleming of Hillsboro had no challengers, they both received a large amount of votes in the election. Brookens had 4,021 votes with 91 write-ins. Fleming had 1,447 votes with 27 write-ins.

A more detailed article, complete with township breakdowns will appear in the Nov. 10 print edition.

Election results in Marion County will not be official until after Friday morning when commissioners have canvassed the votes.

According to election officials, there are 51 provisional votes that will also be reviewed Friday.

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