Big news in wind farm battle

A special meeting of the Marion County Commission came to an abrupt halt this afternoon after Brad Jantz, county counselor, made an announcement to a full room.

“There has been a lawsuit filed against the county, and as much as I know about it, the subject matter are the wind turbines and farms,” Jantz said. “As such, I’m going to strongly recommend here today that you table any public discussion about Article 27 or anything else until we get served with that and know what it is we are dealing with, because invariably, this is going to be pertinent and germane and unfortunately, I don’t think we can go any further with this today.”

“Can I ask this question, then? This is related. Can we talk about this bill that we received from Pat Hughes or not?” Commissioner Dianne Novak said.

“Related to wind energy and the zoning regulation? As long as it’s directly related to that zoning regulation of Article 27, wind energy and related matters, then yes, we can’t,” Jantz said.

“OK, discussion over,” Commissioner Kent Becker said.

The meeting was called earlier this week to discuss the county engineer position and related matters and the Zoning Regulation Article 27 (wind energy) and related matters.

Stay tuned for more details in next week’s paper as we learn more.

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