Articles By: Joel Klaassen

Shaving in the shower has pros, cons

I?ve been shaving for more than 40 years now and I?ve never shaved in the shower until last week.

The cord was barely long enough.

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Beep in the night code for help

This is about sounds that go beep in the night. Once in a while my cell phone makes beeps during the night, like a low battery warning or that I have a voice message. I would really like to turn it off, but my world requires that I be available for problems that crop up day or night.?

Early Sunday we had a different beep in the night. It wouldn?t quit
so I got up to investigate. After stumbling around for a while I
learned it was our oven telling us it was malfunctioning. Error code F7.

reset the clear/off button and went back to bed. A few minutes later it
started all over again, wanting us to know that it still needed help.

A quick trip down to the breaker box silenced it for good but that also means the oven doesn?t work.



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GPS a bit complex for most

More and more people I know are buying a GPS system to aid in their travels. I started checking them out myself, but the reviews seem to indicate they all have some type of flaw or are too complicated to use when considering all of the features.

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A moving experience for us both

Nancy and I could say we had a very moving experience this past weekend. It is probably no secret that I have way more ideas than I can possibly accomplish.

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Trip means connecting with family

It?s always good to connect with our kids and grandkids as we did again this past week in Atlanta.

Cameli?s Pizza just finished its big expansion and Friday night was the grand reopening event, which created record sales for the 12-year-old business.

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You can’t win them all, I guess

In the you-can?t-win-them-all department: K-State finally beats KU in Bramlage, then loses at Mizzou. New England can?t finish with an unbeaten season in Super Bowl XLII.

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140 years in a family business

It?s a rare thing in these parts when a business celebrates 140 years of continuous operation and in the same location which I think is even more noteworthy. Look no further than Case and Son Insurance in Marion. That business has been on Marion?s main street since 1868 and is in its fifth generation of the Case family.

We congratulate the Case?s and their employees for this remarkable achievement.

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I-35 just an interstate after all

I took Inter?state 35 to Dallas this past week and didn?t notice if it was a NAFTA road or the highway to heaven or hell, which was the subject of Dale Suderman?s column in last week?s Free Press.

I saw one truck from Canada in Oklahoma, but it looked just like our trucks except for the tags and sign on the door.

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Retired for a while, now not

It finally happened to me as it has to countless others before me. I am now old enough to take early retirement.

So on Saturday I decided to retire, but by Monday morning I came out of retirement and went back to work.

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New page should add relevance

We are always looking for ways to make our content more relevant to our readers either in print or on the Web. We?re hoping we did that with our school calendar page that debuted last week.

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