Articles By: Joe Kleinsasser

SIDELINE SLANTS- Kids’ ‘Blastball’ may be too much too soon

If it?s true that too much pressure is put on children to participate in an adult-organized sport at an early age, then a case could be made that the Hillsboro Recreation program for 3- and 4-year-olds called BlastBall is unnecessary or at the least, premature.

Count me among those questioning the need for this summertime offering.

Nevertheless, I enrolled our 4-year-old son, Nathan, in the program to see what BlastBall was all about.

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SIDELINE SLANTS- Baseball has its share of all-star cheaters

How is it that we wink or look the other way concerning some aspects of cheating in baseball while we act shocked and appalled on other occasions?

A story on about the biggest cheaters in baseball noted that ?this could also be called the worst cheaters because the best cheaters are the ones we don?t know about who still haven?t been caught.?

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SIDELINE SLANTS- Hall of Fame has its share of scoundrels

Doctored baseballs, corked bats, performance-enhancing drugs, questionable grounds?keepers tactics, stealing signs with binoculars all have a part in the inglorious history of America?s pastime: baseball.

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SIDELINE SLANTS-Coaching bucks stop over there

The recent basketball coaching changes at Kansas State and Wichita State were interesting on several levels. At the very least it reminds us that capitalism is alive and well for NCAA Division I coaches.

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SIDELINE SLANTS- Ratzlaff is Brubacher?s hand-chosen successor

Tabor College football coaches have come and gone with regular frequency. In most cases, the head coach left with a gentle shove after a brief stay. There have only been a few cases where the head coach decided to leave on his own to advance his career.

The history of TC basketball is just the opposite. Yes, there have been times when a head coach was asked to leave, but more often than not, the men?s and women?s basketball programs have been models of consistency.

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Principal/coach story makes good prime-time fare

Even if it is not box office material, it still would make an interesting storyline for prime time.

Start with a high school principal who last coached basketball at the collegiate level 15 years ago. The principal is asked to dust off his coaching resume and take on additional duties as varsity girls? coach.

The principal/former coach somewhat hesitantly accepts the assignment and leads the team to a state basketball championship.

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What do you do if you can?t go when you need to?

Everybody can probably think of a time during a sporting event when nature called and they needed to relieve themselves at a most inopportune time.

Although I’ve never seen a sports column on this subject, that won’t stop me from going where no man or woman has gone before. Even if you think this column is going down the toilet, please read on.

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