Farmers wanting CCC loans can seek FSA help

Commodity Credit Corpora­tion (CCC) loan programs are a tool for producers to acquire grain financing by providing price guarantees with low-cost interest operating capital for their farming operations.

Nine-month term loans can be obtained by eligible producers for grains that are stored on the farm or in warehouse elevator facilities.

Producers interested in obtaining a farm-stored type loan must review and agree to specific Kansas farm-stored loan policies.

Ramona Beisel says she plans to travel, visit grandkids and work around the yard of her Tampa home now that she?s retired as a teller at Great Plains Federal Credit Union.

Beisel loved the work and the people

For Ramona Beisel, going to work at the same job for 26 1⁄2 years was sheer pleasure.

“I loved the work and I loved the people,” said Beisel, whose extended stint as a teller with Great Plain Federal Credit Union ended earlier this month.

“I’ve always I said I had the best job there was, as far as I was concerned,” she said from her home in Tampa. “I just loved the people, and they would become part of your life—customers and coworkers, both.”

It takes more than athletic talent to win

I have had the privilege of observing two incredible high school girls’ basketball teams this season: Hillsboro girls and the girls from Wichita Heights, where I work as a library media specialist.

Both teams made it to state and won their state titles respectively. I think a lot of times people think it’s easy, and that sheer athletic talent will win the game. But I beg to differ.

Tabor releases Dean?s List for fall semester grades

Tabor College’s Office of Academic Affairs has released the Fall 2006 semester Dean’s List, naming students who qualified for honors based on their academic performances.

The designation of Highest Honors is assigned to students achieving a 3.85 to 4.0 grade point average (GPA), while those with a 3.70 to 3.849 GPA received High Honors. Students earning a 3.50 to 3.699 GPA received Honors.

Johnson Co. prof to speak on ?In His Steps? at 60+

Frederick A. Krebs, professor in the social science and humanities division at Johnson County Community College, will present “In His Steps: Sheldon’s Inspir­ing Book” at the 60+ Learning in Retirement Program, Monday, March 19.

The session will begin at 10 a.m. in the Wohlgemuth Music Education Center, located on the Tabor College campus.

Krebs’ presentation is supported by the Kansas Human­ities Council, a non-profit organization with 30 years’ experience in conducting and supporting cultural programs in communities across Kansas.

Coming together

We overemphasize its importance at times, but athletics can put an entire community on the same team.

It’s good to ask ourselves once in a while if we attach too much importance on athletic competition, particularly at the high school level. The answer is probably yes—at least some of us do. At the same time, to witness the positive impact athletic competition and school pride can have on an entire community is to see that the issue is more complex than the critics might suggest.