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Hillsboro Middle School lists honor roll for 4th quarter

Hillsboro Middle School has released its honor rolls for the fourth quarter of the 2006-07 school year.

To be named to the high honor roll, a student needs a grade-point average between 4.0 and 3.7. For those students at the high-school level, an asterisk (*) denotes a 4.0 GPA.

To be named to the honor roll, a GPA of 3.69 to 3.2 is required.

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New elderly director excited to serve area seniors
New elderly director excited to serve area seniors

New elderly director excited to serve area seniors

Jayne Gottschalk is excited to succeed Noreen Weems as Marion County?s elderly director and to live as a new resident of Lehigh. ?Every day here is such a warm experience,? she said. ?There is always a senior citizen who stops to share blessings or needs.? Jerry Engler / Free Press. Click image to enlarge.


Jayne Gottschalk grew up playing cards, dominoes and Scrabble with senior citizens in her parents? cafe in Geneseo.

She said her folks, Elden and Irene Prester, owned several businesses in the town where she spent all 12 years of grade school and high school. She remembers getting up to open the cafe at 3 a.m. during wheat harvest to feed grain cutters early breakfast.

Gottschalk never lost her affinities for the elderly and small towns. She smiles with the pleasure it is bringing her to succeed Noreen Weems as Marion County?s elderly director, and to live as a new resident of Lehigh.

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Parkside invites public to Safety & Wellness week, fair

Parkside Homes Inc. is hosting a Summer Safety & Wellness Week June 11-15, followed by a Summer Safety & Wellness Fair on Saturday, June 16.

After focusing on weight loss, exercising and eating right for the past few months, Parkside residents and staff are learning that the ?wellness? concept covers so much more.

Topics such as identity fraud awareness, wearing a scatbelt, eating breakfast, putting on sunscreen, handling grief and handling foods safely all affect one’s wellness. Parkside wants the community to join them as they learn about these topics and more.

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Healthy Geezer- Losing balance is common but dangerous issue

Q: I?m not sure what?s going on, but, once in a while, I find myself losing my balance. Is this just an aging thing or what?

A: About one in 10 people over 65 experience difficulty with balance. More than 40 percent of Americans will go to a doctor complaining of dizziness. Getting older is only part of the problem.

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Army worms launch latest attack on farm crops
Army worms launch latest attack on farm crops

Army worms launch latest attack on farm crops


This infestation of army worms shows the potential for damage they pose as they move through a field of brome grass or wheat. The army worms in many cases are stripping the brome grass down to the central rib of the blade, says Kevin Suderman, agronomist with Cooperative Grain & Supply. Photo courtesy of Kevin Suderman and CG&S. Click image to enlarge.


Just when you thought the freeze-damaged wheat couldn?t possibly be hurt anymore, along comes word that army worms are eating their way across the country as a final blow.

A final blow does sound like the logical outcome to most people when they first hear about army worms moving in. But Kevin Suderman, agronomist with Cooperative Grain & Supply, said the biggest damage from the hungry worms actually is being done to another important crop: brome grass for hay and pasture.

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Commentary-Storm?s path left a hard, long trail

While it?s been more than a month since the monster storm system hit Kiowa, Edwards, Stafford, Barton and Saline counties, it?s difficult to erase the images, smells and feelings of this disaster from my mind.

I traveled through these counties 10 days after May 4. I saw with my own eyes the aftermath of the storms while listening to stories by the people who road them out.

Listing all of the details about this storm would be impossible. Instead, here are some of the more vivid ones.

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Nominees sought for FSA Area No. 1 opening

The election of local farmers and ranchers to Farm Service Agency county committees is important in giving producers a voice in how federal farm programs and services are administered in their local areas.

It also maintains a direct link between the agricultural community and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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Leiker appointed first TC adult, grad studies dean
Leiker appointed first TC adult, grad studies dean

Leiker appointed first TC adult, grad studies dean

Tona Pink Suitbw.jpg
Tona Leiker.

Tona Leiker has been appointed as the inaugural dean of Tabor College School of Adult and Graduate Studies, according to Lawrence Ressler, vice president of academics and student development.

?Tona brings many elements critical for success as the first dean of the School of Adult and Graduate Studies Education,?

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County plans to crack down on individual polluters

Individual polluters?whether they dump trash along roadsides, throw
away tires in county ditches, run a straight-pipe for sewage to a ditch
or stream, or park salvage vehicles on county right-of-way?finally have
the Marion County Commission fed up with them.

The commissioners decided Monday to have the county attorney write
some enforcement tools ?with teeth in them? that could stick individual
violators with fines starting as high $1,500.

The commissioners not only want the fines hefty, they said, but they
also want them to stick. Commissioner Bob Hein said county government
will need to approach them with the attitude that there is no backing

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Florence council plans to check city infrastructure

The Florence City Council worked on creating a plan for infrastructure evaluation at its June 4 meeting.

Councilor Randy Mills offered to volunteer his time, equipment and fuel to help clean storm drains and inspect culverts. Local contractors will be used when additional help is needed.

Mills also mentioned that several water valves have had to be dug out recently because they were filled with dirt. He suggested that other valves be located, checked and dug out if necessary in case an emergency might lead to their immediate use.

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