Decision to shave was an about face


Rare photo: Bob Woelk without facial hair.

?What happened?? That was my favorite response spoken by several people when they first viewed my freshly shaven face over spring break in March.

They spoke it as if there had been some terrible accident, and I had somehow gotten my upper lip and chin in the way.

Once people got over the shock of the way I looked, they invariably asked why I had done it. The simple answer was because I had worn the mustache for a full 30 years, and I wanted to see what I looked like without it. I wanted to see if I appeared younger. After all, my salt-and-pepper facial hair had become much more salty and peppery of late.

Some things we?d like to un-invent

I enjoy reading Marilyn vos Savant’s weekly writings in the Sunday Parade Magazine insert in the Wichita Eagle. She always offers something challenging to think about, though I seldom have a clue on her mind-bending puzzles.

This past week, she headed a different direction, however, and reported on more than 2,000 responses readers had sent in after she asked what items they would most like to “un-invent.”