PARTLY NONSENSE-A printer ‘marriage’ can end too

Choosing a printer for the newspaper is almost like choosing a wife. At least that’s the way we approached it when we moved our printing to the Wichita Eagle last March.

We thought we would be there for a long, long time because the Eagle would be there forever. Several weeks ago they asked for a quick divorce because their new owners decided not to fill press time with print jobs like ours.

Lucky for us, our previous printer took us back with open arms. We think the transition will be smooth.You probably won’t notice that anything has changed-except for the better.

It’s nice to know the weather will be much more friendly in the week ahead. I heard that last week we had the coldest 22-degree day on record.

In spite of the nastiest weather of the year so far, the monster truck and free pancakes at Rod’s Tire & Service anniversary sale last week drew a huge crowd. All of the grade school kids got to go see “Bigfoot.” It is a sight to see. One kindergarten girl was heard to say that seeing the monster truck was the highlight of the entire school year.

Nothing I know of since we have published the Free Press has stirred up people more than Commissioner Dan Holub’s statements at the county commission meeting a week ago about “people” from Hillsboro.

His comments were unfortunate because the jail issue really has to do with everyone in the county and nothing to do with Hillsboro’s vote for a swimming pool.

The debate about the justice center plans definitely is not a Hillsboro vs. Marion issue.

Now is the time for the commissioners to back up to square one and look at all of the options regarding our jail situation. We agree something needs to be done. We’re convinced a new jail of grand proportions with increases in taxes to pay for it isn’t the answer.

Studies done about siting prisons in rural counties in decline show it may actually harm the counties more than help them. If you would like to read these reports email a request to and I will send them to you.

Sales taxes for county jails have been voted down in other counties in Kansas: twice in Morris County and recently in Montgomery County.

If there is enough interest from our readers in Commissioner Bob Hein’s First District, I would be glad to set up a public meeting so constituents can ask the commissioner questions regarding the jail project. We really wonder what position he will be taking on our behalf.

Many of us old-timers will remember the Wiens and Jost gas station at the corner of Main and A streets where Foth Service now stands.

Dave Wiens and Jake Jost were the owners and Melvin Hiebert worked there and was given an award for top service.

Those were the days when all service stations would wash your windshield and check the tires and oil when you filled up.

In those days, the stations would take turns being open on Sunday. We could go to the station early afternoon, put in a dollar’s worth of gas and then drag Main the rest of the day.

The lowest price I can remember for gasoline was 19 cents a gallon.

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