Public service

With some notable exceptions, local elections in Marion County won’t be hotly contested come April. Most positions have a single candidate who filed by the Jan. 23 deadline. People who decide to run-or not to run-for local offices do so for any number of reasons. We respect those who put personal aspirations and agitations aside and truly seek to selflessly serve the public for the greater good of the community. -DR

Following the herd

According to one commentator’s calculations, nine people have formally or informally declared their intention to run for president for the November 2008 election. Never mind that 2007 is only 31 days old and Election Day is 22 months away. Yes, 22 months.

Our own Sen. Sam Brownback is among the pack, positioning himself in the GOP field as the standard bearer for Reagan conservatism. At least his name is familiar to us.

It’s been said that in this great country, anyone can grow up to be president. So much for inspiration. Given our current experience and the outlook for the upcoming campaign season, that old maxim should give us considerable pause. -DR

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