PARTLY NONSENSE-Boise State wild finish still amazes

I’m still seeing in my head the three great plays at the end of the game that took Boise State past Oklahoma New Year’s night. It was probably the best win by an undefeated underdog in the history of college football.

You can still watch the replay of the magnificent finish on the Boise State Broncos Web site. I bet it stays up for a long time.

Timing is everything. I was in Iowa for some meetings this past weekend and just happened to be traveling back home Saturday night. The weather was backward. No snow there. Lots of snow here. It took six hours to get to Hillsboro from Kansas City because of the ice and snow.

Here is a different kind of ICE. According to Prevention Magazine, you can make it easy for emergency room staff to reach your loved ones quickly when they are needed. Just program two numbers for emergency contacts into your cellphone and label the entry ICE: In Case of Emergency. Emergency responders know to check your contacts for ICE entries.

A recent study showed that 27 percent of mobile users had heard of this but only 9 percent had done it.

Did you know they only have winter games 10 months out of the year in North Dakota? Two of the months are too cold.

Preparedness for snow is relative to the locale. I read where someone was using a leafblower in Lubbock, Texas, to remove snow outside the arena before the KU-Texas Tech game and wasn’t getting very far with that method.

It has never occurred to me to get out the leaf blower.

Should one go in and drink hot chocolate after clearing snow even if you hired someone else to do it?

I watched our city crews cleaning the streets of the 8 or so inches of snow that fell and that is a lot of work. Thanks for a job well done.

I’ve lost my calculator about 50 times since I’ve had it and always it turns up somewhere.

This time it hasn’t.

I checked the price for a new HP 12C and 20 years later the price is lower than when I bought it.

While in Atlanta recently we visited an IKEA store, which is Swedish owned and features about anything one could want for the home. Most of the stuff looked a little cheap to me.

They also have a cafeteria, so we decided to have lunch there. I had the Swedish meat balls.

One of my favorite old-time businessmen in downtown Hillsboro when I was just getting started in printing was Chet Ashcraft. He and wife Rose were the owners of the Star-Journal in the early ’50s and then he stayed on to work after he sold it.

Chet, among other duties, ran the linotype, which was an early typesetting machine that cast slugs from hot lead that had the letters on them used for letterpress printing of the newspaper.

As the type was set, it would be placed in galleys and later placed in the forms that were used to create the pages. I remember him taking a string to find out how much space was left to fill after the ads were in the forms. He would compare it to how much type was in the galleys and when there was enough to fill he would shut off the linotype and finish the pages.

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