PARTLY NONSENSE- ‘Colts beat Baltimore’ isn’t right

For guys like me who grew up in the ’60s with Johnny Unitas as the quarterback for the Baltimore Colts, it just doesn’t sound right that the Colts beat Baltimore in the playoffs.

It was an adjustment coming back to Kansas from Atlanta on Saturday night. It’s hard enough to leave the grandkids and their parents behind, but then dropping from 70-degree weather to temperatures in the teens with a stiff north wind in a matter of hours is a little too much.

They keep telling us that is why they live there and not here.

Since it was so cold, it was my job to walk to the airport’s long-term parking and bring the warm car back to the terminal to pick up the luggage and my passenger.

When I got to our car, the battery was deader than a hammer.

So I walked back to the terminal and called for assistance. Then I walked back to the car to get a jump. That’s when I noticed the trunk lid wasn’t fully closed -which is why the battery drained to nothing in four days.

Our little grandsons aren’t so little anymore. Louie is in first grade and Alex in third. Louie’s legs are quite a bit longer than the last time we saw them. Not much gets by them either.

We were told that Louie had learned to tie his shoes, which is a big benchmark for kids.

One night when we were getting ready to go out for dinner, I asked Louie to show me how he ties his shoes. He got this incredulous look and said, “Grandpa, don’t you know how to tie your shoes? How do you get dressed in the morning?”

Alex will be celebrating his ninth birthday this week, so his dad and I went to buy some computer games now that Alex has a computer. I was going to buy him one game for his birthday and he was going to buy two with his Christmas money.

When we had picked out the games, I was holding one and he was holding two. He surveyed the situation, then handed me a $29 game he was holding for the $19 game I had in my hand.

I mentioned Plett’s Cafe in an earlier reminiscence about my early days in Hillsboro. Menno and Marie Plett operated their cafe in the spot on East Grand that is now the Emprise Bank drive-through.

If you ask anyone who ate there, the first thing you’ll hear about is their hot roast-beef sandwiches. Nancy and her family ate lunch there on Saturdays and that’s what she ordered.

During that time, the Pletts also owned the Dari-Ette, which was known for its Tasty Burger.

Plett’s Cafe later became Betty’s Restaurant, which expanded west into the Schultz Grocery building.

The back of Plett’s Cafe was where I learned to wager. The common practice then was to go for coffee for the morning and afternoon breaks. Plett’s was just down the alley and the guys would meet there to drink and possibly eat a cinnamon roll.

When “coffee” was over, we flipped a coin to see who would pay. The odd man was stuck with the bill. Sometimes it took a while to stick someone. Since I was a kid, they would let me off the hook sometimes if I was too unlucky.

The biggest buzz word on the planet these days is “wireless.” Everything is going wireless. Some cities are making the Internet available everywhere for free.

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