Woods, Ratzlaff partnering to provide program for all ages

Although she enjoys working with senior citizens, Anna Woods’ vision for physical fitness extends to all age groups.

In partnership with Amy Ratzlaff, Tabor College volleyball coach, she is developing strategies to help as many people as possible with their fitness needs.

“We’re going to try to reach every audience so that people can find an area that they feel comfortable in,” she said. “This is the perfect time of year to commit to something like this.”

Woods said she welcomes potential clients-men and women-to contact her as a personal trainer, but she and Ratzlaff also are preparing to launch a six-week wellness workshop Jan. 22 for the entire community,

Called “Fit-in Fitness,” the 45-minute sessions are schedule for 5:45 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursday in an effort to make it “fit in” with people’s busy schedules. Sessions will be in the Hillsboro Elementary School gymnasium.

The class is intended to help participants achieve whatever health goal they have in mind-whether it’s losing weight or lowering blood pressure and heart rate.

“I’ve even worked with people who have always wanted to run a 5-K (race),” Woods said. “So we can set up a program for that, too.

Woods said a typical training session will include an initial consultation-including checking weight, body fat, body circumferences, heart rate and blood pressure. Those results then will be reassessed to see what kind of results have been achieved.

“Results obviously is what sells in my business,” she said.

Woods and Ratzlaff hope to communicate a comprehensive approach to better health. With each session, participants will be developing a booklet with individualized health information.

“I foresee with this class that people will be able to adapt to this and make it a part of their everyday life,” she said. “I’m all about being practical-not some crazy piece of equipment that you’re going to have to buy, but using equipment you can take home and do it there.”

In an effort to promote healthier diets, the pair plan to prepare meals for one week for the entire family of each participant-similar in concept to what some businesses now offer in McPherson and Wichita.

“We’re going to do the healthy version of it for those who are part of this class,” Woods said.

If the class schedule doesn’t suit, or if people are interested in exploring other fitness services, Woods invites people to contact her by phone at 620-877-7503 or by e-mail at a_jwoods04@yahoo.com.

“People always have this glorified view of personal trainers, that only celebrities and people with a lot of money can use them,” she said. “I feel my prices are pretty competitive because I want people know they can use these services, too.”

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