PARTLY NONSENSE- New year will bring excitement

I don’t know about the rest of you but I have a feeling that 2007 may be one of the most exciting years in a long time for Hillsboro and Marion County.

For starters we’ll be seeing a new dental clinic popping out of the ground on the corner of the former location of Vogt’s grocery store. The Mennonite Brethren Church will be moving into their new building in Prairie Pointe and finding comfort in being back home again after holding services in temporary quarters for three years.

The proposed law enforcement center for the county will be revealed at some point along with how it will be financed.

The list will be much longer and we’ll fill you in on the details as they happen. Big changes are certain (some good and some bad). Hang on to your hats.

Son Dan was home from Seattle for Christmas this year but had to take a circuitous route on Thursday after having his original flight through Denver canceled a week ago Wednesday because of the snow.

It was very important that he get here because he had my Christmas present in his possession-tickets to the KU/Boston College basketball game in Lawrence this past Saturday.

I hadn’t been there for a game since 1993 and it was truly a thrill for this old KU grad to experience the rocking fieldhouse up close and personal.

At the game I sat by this guy I didn’t know and his significant other. Actually I didn’t know anybody there, although Bill Self made eye contact and waved at me coming through the tunnel before the game.

Came to find out this young man was from Lucas and also was there with his ticket as a Christmas present. He had relatives in Hillsboro and his mother went to Tabor College. Small world.

Our Atlanta kids weren’t here this holiday but we did get to see them via live video on the internet. We sent them an iSight video camera for their iBook and got to see them all and talk with them on Christmas Day.

The boys were busy parading their gifts in front of the camera and then Amy walked the computer into the boys’ bedroom where they showed off their new basketball goal. They have about a 20-foot ceiling so it is perfect for basketball. I’ll be playing horse with them soon.

I learned during a Christmas gathering that trash thrown out along the interstates and turnpikes is good for wildlife.

Cans and bottles make good homes for rodents, so the hawks that seem to be in abundance along the roadways watch the cans. When there is movement near the cans they swoop down and get lunch.

The businessman I am remembering this week is E.W. Flaming of First National Bank, which was on the corner of Main and Grand. It was located where Emprise Bank is now.

I believe Mr. Flaming was known for writing the most SBA loans in the region.

When you needed a loan in the old days it went like this….

You would go in and discuss with E.W. what you were planning to do and about how much money was needed.

He would then tell you to “not pay too much” and come back after the deal was done. Then he’d whip out a six-month note, the size of one-third of a sheet of paper, put it in his typewriter and fill it out. Then you’d sign it and that was it.

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