Jenkins warns of ‘unclaimed property’ fraud

Kansas State Treasurer Lynn Jenkins warned Kansans last week of fraudulent phone calls, websites, letters, e-mails and other communications which offer help in finding unclaimed property for an upfront fee or percentage of the found property or cash.

Several scams such as these have recently come to the attention of the State Treasurer’s office. These practices are not sponsored or endorsed by the Kansas State Treasurer’soffice.

“I can’t emphasize it enough-never pay a single penny to claim your cash or property,” said Jenkins. “If you are ever told otherwise, I ask that you contact my office immediately.”

The authorized Kansas Unclaimed Property website is and is run by the Kansas State Treasurer’s office. Kansans are encouraged to visit or call the treasurer’s office at 1-800-432-0386 to discover if they have any property to be claimed.

“Initially, my office only needs your name to conduct the search,” Jenkins said. “If you do find cash or property, you will be asked to provide additional information that will help us to identify you.

“However, we will never ask for payment or for your credit card or bank account information.”

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