Tabor prof’s paper on colon cancer accepted for journal

Jeffrey O. Henderson, associate professor of biology at Tabor College, co-wrote a paper investigating the role of programmed cell death in the initiation and progression of colon cancer.

This manuscript will be published in the December 2006 issue of the peer-reviewed journal Cancer Biology and Therapy.

Henderson’s work involved the investigation of the expression of Reg IV, a member of the regenerating gene family, in a mouse model of heritable colon cancer.

“The team of seven doctors discovered that when too much of the Reg IV protein is produced that the cells within a tumor die at a slower rate when treated with chemotherapeutic drugs and radiation,” Henderson said.

“This data will help the scientific community understand why some colon cancers respond better to chemotherapy and radiation than others.”

The article was published in electronic form and can be accessed at the medical journal’s Web site:

Brubacher to direct student financial aid at Tabor

Hillsboro native Grant Brubacher has joined the Tabor College staff as director of student financial assistance, according to Rusty Allen, dean of enrollment management.

“Grant is committed to the mission of Tabor and brings a strong desire to see Tabor grow,” Allen said. “His strengths of determination and responsibility make him an excellent choice to fill our director of student financial assistance position.”

Brubacher graduated from Tabor in May 2006 with a degree in business administration and concentrations in marketing, accounting and finance.

He will begin his responsibilities Dec. 11.

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