States should stand up for states rights

In this election season, I would like to think we have figured out how to fund schools for the year. But No Child Left Behind, which has been proven a nuisance and an impossible goal to reach, is still threatening to take away school funding.

It is stupid that Kansas has let the national government play keep away with money that is to be used for education.

Kansas has done its share of work figuring out how to spend state money on schools and found a neutral number. Now it is time that we stepped up and reminded the national government about the 10th Amendment, which reserves power for the states to control education.

Don’t get me wrong. It is great that the national government is giving the schools some funding, but it is wrong to attach strings such as NCLB.

It is about time for states to stand up for states rights and take control of education.

Alex Drake


The death penalty is inhumane

My name is Lisa Gartner, I’m an exchange student from Germany in a local high school and I’m 17 years old.

In Germany the death penalty is prohibited. It is one of the best decisions our politicians ever made. But there are still many countries that have the death penalty like the United States because they think that it is a deterrent, but actually that is not true.

Studies have shown that crime rates of countries or states that don’t practice the death penalty are no higher than those which do.

In the U.S. Constitution it is stated that government is not allowed to use cruel or unusual punishment. But who decides what is cruel and unusual? It is the Supreme Court that interprets the Constitution. These judges say that the death penalty is constitutional and can be practiced by each State.

However, I believe punishing a human being with death is more than cruel! Nobody deserves to die, no matter what he or she did.

I think our society should be wiser than back in the days when people believed “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” is the most important law that exists.

Furthermore, there is no logic in it when the American government says that killing is a crime and that every murderer has to be punished-but then they commit the same crime with executing these murderers.

Moreover, justice is not as blind as it is supposed to be in cases of death penalty. Nearly 50 percent of the prisoners executed by the government are African Americans. These practices are racist and have to be stopped!

I really can’t reconstruct the Republican Party’s viewpoint that campaigns with supporting the death penalty.

I just hope, that politicians in the future will reject the death penalty and recognize it as an inhumane kind of punishment.

Lisa Gartner


United Way supports disaster assistance

Disaster can strike anywhere. Home fires, tornados, floods and ice storms are not selective in their destruction. If your family, neighborhood and community are affected by disaster, the Red Cross is trained and ready to help.

Recently, a local family experienced a home fire. Marion County emergency services contacted the Red Cross and trained volunteers were soon on scene to aid the victims in their recovery.

A hotel room was provided, groceries were replaced, and a cash loaded debit card was issued for new clothing and household supplies.

The Red Cross seeks to help families with their immediate needs due to a disaster.

By contributing to your local United Way you are enabling organizations like the Red Cross to continue to operate here locally in our communities.

Without these valuable funds we are not able to provide on-call individuals ready to roll at a moment’s notice to help a family, or a community in need.

Thanks again for your continued generosity.

Marcia Smith, exec. dir.

Sunflower Chapter of the American Red Cross

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