Engler releases second volume of ‘Heartland’ short stories

A second book of short stories by Marion County author Jerry Engler has been released entitled “A Heartland Voice: Just Folks Two.”

The new book follows successful sales of his first book, “Just Folks: Earthy Tales of the Prairie Heartland.”

Engler, a reporter for the Free Press, lives north of Marion Reservoir. “A Heartland Voice” uses much of the same style of humor and history as was present in the first book.

Familiar characters such as Harlan and Florence Medlam and Ricky and Roland repeat in the second book.

Engler said after more than 50 book signings and talks that sales are good in the central part of the country, and he has heard from readers on all three coasts, “East, West and Texas.”

Bob Spear, writing for his national column, Heartland Reviews, said, “Jerry Engler’s second collection of his short stories demonstrates why he’s considered the voice of rural America.

“These short stories demonstrate the author’s deeper side. They still have the humor we have come to expect; however some of them go deeper into the pond of human emotions and understanding.”

The book is available locally at Great Plains Computers in Marion as well as Thee Bookstore and the Free Press in Hillsboro.

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