A memorable start

We trust that Hillsboro Community Foundation’s Monday night banquet announcing the start of its new “Impact Fund” will be remembered for more than the 45-minute electrical outage that occurred during speaker Larry Hatteberg’s entertaining presentation.

Granted, this kind of disruption rarely happens during a major public event, but at least with the passage of some time we hope the evening will be remembered as the start of a significant tool in Hillsboro’s future development. The creation of the Impact Fund will enable people to make tax-deductible contributions and estate gifts to an endowment that will be used to benefit the community in myriad ways.

The HCF board has set a goal to start the Impact Fund with a campaign of $250,000. It was announced Monday that more than $100,000 has already been contributed through gifts and pledges.

The Impact Fund will enable people, whether they are present or former residents, to give something back to a community that contributed something significant to their personal development and success. The Impact Fund is a good idea, and we salute the HCF board members for their commendable undertaking. -DR

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