PARTLY NONSENSE- Help others by helping the Scouts

There is an important event this Saturday in Hillsboro that I think deserves our attention. The local Scouts will be scouting for food to stock the food bank at Main Street Ministries. Just bag and place your nonperishables on the porch early for pickup.

As a bonus, you can have some of your old files and papers shredded for free because of your donation. Sounds like a deal to me. Please see the ad on Page 3A.

I have gained a new appreciation for the work our news reporters do every week. Because everyone else was busy, I got the call to cover the planning commission meeting Thursday night. It is difficult to capture the essence of a two-hour meeting in relatively few words. I hope I was able to do it.

It also opened my eyes to the difficult task the local planning commission members face when considering proposals that come before them. The decisions are even harder when the request on the table favors one business to the detriment of another.

And all involved are friends and know each other-I include myself in this category-which makes these types of decisions even more difficult.

The question was whether to grant Emprise Bank’s request to demolish the former barbershop building to make way for a drive-through that would eliminate seven parking spaces-including all of Prudent Tour’s parking and an additional space in front of Supreme Floor Co.

It would also take away parking for the four apartments above the two businesses, which wasn’t mentioned at the meeting.

When we got the advance information that explained the project, I didn’t really think about it because it didn’t seem to affect us. And maybe that is why only two business owners showed up for the meeting.

Then, while I was out walking around town, I got to thinking that taking out seven spaces in front of any location downtown is a problem.

For example, if you take out seven spaces in front of city hall, there would be only one space left. Find any place downtown where taking out seven parking spots isn’t a problem.

As a business and property owner, I certainly wouldn’t want to lose seven spaces at our location.

That none of the planning commission members are business owners, or own property downtown, might be a factor in their decision to recommend that the council approve the request.

The consultant attending the meeting indicated there are usually six architectural solutions for each situation. I’d like to see the other five for this situation-and one that doesn’t harm a neighboring business.

I am totally for drive-through banking and use it myself, occasionally.

We received the following note in a recent invoice from one of our suppliers: “Due to changes in our software, your statements will be more user friendly. We hope the changes will not cause any inconvenience to your company.”

I quit drinking coffee in April 1996. Prior to that I had really bad headaches. It may have been because I was drinking about 10 cups per day. I had to drink coffee to get rid of the headache caused by the coffee. At least that is my diagnosis.

What is amazing to me is that since I quit, I haven’t had a headache. I can sympathize with those who have them because they’re no fun.

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