United Way funds support local ministry

Main Street Ministries in Hillsboro exists to provide physical and spiritual resources to whoever crosses our path. We are so grateful that United Way partners with us and provides part of our funding.

The support we get from United Way helps to pass on encouragement to others that perhaps need food, a place to live or a listening ear.

One single mom who lived with us was able to save her money and put a down payment on a small home when she moved out. This would not have happened if we would not have stepped into her life to assist her. United Way helped make that possible.

I wish every wage earner in Marion County would sign up to have a few dollars automatically deducted from their pay checks-it wouldn’t be missed-so that United Way could help many more right here in our county.

Lillian Bookless, director

Main Street Ministries


Support Toy Run this Saturday

The annual Toy Run is this Saturday, Nov. 4. It is sponsored by the local ’56 Car Club, Motorcycle Club District 9 and Sons of American Legion.

Many toys are collected. Each person in the parade brings a toy or two. Bicycles as well as the other items are donated by stores. An auction sale is after the parade. The clubs have raised more than $20,000 in the last two years.

All of these items and money stay in Marion County for needy families. Ministers distribute the money in their communities.

In other towns and cities streets are lined with people showing support for these volunteers. Hillsboro has been disappointing. Very few people turn out to show their support.

Will Hillsboro people help by showing up for the parade and probably go to Hillsboro State Bank to see all the donations around the Christmas tree?

It would be appreciated.

Sylvia Abrahams


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