Area voters to cast ballots for general election

Marion County voters who will go to the polls Tuesday for the general election may be motivated more by civic duty than hotly contested political races this time around.

One exception is for race for attorney general, where incumbent Republican Phill Kline and Democratic challenger Paul Morrison are locked in a bitter and personal battle played out in negative televisions ads by both sides.

Also of interest, particularly for area voters, lots are still available through the election office at the Marion County Courthouse in Marion. The deadline to apply for advanced voting ballots to be mailed is Nov. 3.

“That also depends on where they’re calling from,” Maggard said. “First they have to fill out the application. They can do that online, which is a big help.

“But if they’re calling to apply that day for a ballot to be mailed, many times mail from Marion to Hillsboro won’t make it back by 7 p.m. on election day to this office.”

Advance ballots can be delivered to Maggard’s office in person as well.

Nov. 7 voting sites

Following is the list of voting sites, according to township or precinct:

Blaine: Tampa Senior Center.

Catlin: Peabody Senior Center.

Centre: Emmanuel Baptist Church, Marion.

Clark: Lincolnville Community Centre.

Clear Creek: Lincolnville Community Center.

Colfax: Tampa Senior Center.

Doyle: Forentine Senior Center, Florence.

Durham Park: Tampa Senior Center.

East Branch: AGAPE Center, Goessel.

Fairplay: Florentine Senior Center, Florence.

Gale: Emmanuel Baptist Church, Marion.

Grant: Emmanuel Baptist Church, Marion, or Our Savior Lutheran Church, Marion.

Lehigh: Hillsboro City Building.

Liberty: United Methodist Church, Hillsboro.

Logan: Tampa Senior Center.

Lost Springs: Lincolnville Community Center.

Menno: AGAPE Senior Center, Goessel.

Milton: Burns Community Center.

Moore: Tampa Senior Center.

Risley: Hillsboro City Building.

Summit: Burns Community Center.

West Branch: AGAPE Senior Center, Goessel.

Wilson: Our Savior Lutheran Church, Marion.

Florence 1st: Florentine Senior Center, Florence.

Florence 2nd: Florentine Senior Center, Florence.

Hillsboro 1st (West): Hillsboro City Building.

Hillsboro 2nd (East): United Methodist Church, Hillsboro.

Marion North: Emmanuel Baptist Church, Marion.

Marion South: Our Savior Lutheran Church, Marion.

Peabody City & Township East: Peabody Senior Center.

Peabody City & Township West: Peabody Senior Center.

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