Tabor completes capital campaign

Tabor College’s capital campaign for new residence halls is now complete, President Larry Nikkel announced Friday.

Construction has already begun on three townhouses. The facilities are scheduled to be in use next fall.

“The campaign was a tremendous experience for us,” Nikkel said. “One finds that generosity comes in many forms. Hundreds and hundreds of people gave in smaller amounts. But those small amounts often approached sacrificial giving, and we all know that God takes pleasure in taking the little we have to multiply it in the work of his kingdom.

“We are most grateful for the generosity of the city, community, alumni and friends.”

Meetings with alumni and friends across the country resulted in exceeding the campaign goal of $8.845 million. Total gifts exceeded $9.445 million. Eighteen gifts were greater than $100,000.

The $750,000 gift from the Mabee Foundation, Tulsa, Okla., was the largest gift in the campaign and “special,” Nikkel said, “because it provided the incentive for many others to give.”

All gifts receipted through Oct. 13 total more than $12.576 million.

“I believe people want to be a part of something special and of something that is moving forward,” Nikkel said. “Tabor College is such a thing.”

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