Goessel Goal Getters 4-H Club records monthly meetings

The Goessel Goal Getters 4-H Club started off the new year with a meeting in January. The meeting started off with a role call of “Name a local 4-H alumnus.”

Keenan Stultz led the group in a birthday song to the January birthdays. Olivia Regier, club secretary, read a thank-you letter from Matt Tippin, a local 4-H alumnus, for sending him a “care package” at college.

The club also received a postcard from Laura Pierson, to whom the club donated money after Hurricane Rita hit her goat farm last year.

After the program, Grady gave a talk on homemade pretzels and Parliamentary procedures. Laird gave a talk on rocket propulsion, and Cameron gave a goat talk titled “Back to the Basics.”

To conclude the talks, Olivia Regier taught the club how to prepare audio-visual aids.

The dates and places for the club’s annual winter party were discussed. Kaitlin Dailey then announced that our next meeting would be at 7 p.m., Feb. 6. The club adjourned the meeting around 8:30 p.m.

-Paige Booton, reporter

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