PARTLY NONSENSE- How does the human mind work?

The incredible Free Press team Don mentioned in our editorial last week during National Newspaper Week is even more incredible than he stated.

Don asked me to look over the editorial to make sure we hadn’t left anyone out. Taking a quick look, I thought we were good. Much to our surprise we had left out Nicole Suderman, who is our office manager/accountant/traffic cop and much more. Trooper that she is, we weren’t even scolded by her for our monumental brain lapse.

Thanking people is always a good thing, but you always run the risk of leaving someone out. Even though a big gaffe is possible, we’ll keep on trying.

I told my wife I was going to let my hair grow to see how long it can get since I just finished seeing how short it could get.

But you can’t let your hair grow. It will grow whether you let it or not. However, you can refrain from cutting it.

With all of the bright-colored mums around, I was wondering if that’s where the saying, “Mums the word” came from.

I found out that no mother is invoked here. “Mum” is a somewhat misleading interpretation of “MMMM” (the noise made when lips are sealed. It comes from Shakespeare’s “King Henry VI, Part 2.”

Last week I heard it said, “If you plant wheat in the dust, the bins will bust.” I looked up that saying on the Web and saw one that went, “Plant in the mud, and your wheat is a dud.”

It is looking as though wheat prices are moving upward because of increased demand around the world and poor crops in some areas.

It would be terrific for our area if the plant-in-the-dust thing proves to be accurate.

The drought conditions for the area are getting dire. I heard Sunday that the dirt at the bottom of the graves being dug these days is dusty.

Now, that is dry.

Paula Hayen of ClayWorks has done a marvelous job with her little clay studio on the alley in the 100 block of East Grand. Many neat items she has made are displayed in the window.

I am impressed with her painting skills as well. If you look closely at her sign on the east side of the building, she had to paint over and around a pipe to get the lettering to look right.

The price of computer memory these days is just plain silly. I saw a price for a 250GB hard drive for $59. And you can get 1GB memory sticks for less than $20. There’s no excuse for running out of memory or not backing up everything these days.

I actually did run out of memory on Sunday. I glanced at a TV and saw the “Bus” on a halftime football report but couldn’t think of his name. When I woke up Monday morning “Jerome Bettis” popped in my head. How does the mind work, anyway?

I asked grandson Louie what he liked best about school. After he thought for a minute he said, “I like it when we go outside.”

But then he said he liked math, too.

A guy goes into a pet store and says, “I’d like to buy a fly, please.”

Storekeeper: “A fly? We don’t sell flies here.”

Patron: “Oh, but you’ve got one in the window.”

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