Hett family meets for 88th reunion

Sixty-seven family members and friends gathered for a potluck dinner celebrating the 88th annual Hett Reunion Aug. 13 at the Marion County Lake Hall.

The attendee that traveled the farthest was Donna Hoberecht from Woodinville, Wash. Her mother, Ivah Unruh of Marion, was recognized as the oldest family member present at 94 years, and Jack Lanning of Marion was the youngest in attendance at 3 months. Two marriages, four births and four deaths were recorded.

A group photo was taken by Dawn Hett, followed by counting of individual family members present. The late Ron Hett’s family was the largest in attendance at 19 member.

The following people attended the reunion.

From Marion: Gail and Louise Whiteman, Rocky and Shirley Jo Hett, John D. Hett, Jackie Hett, Jerod and Natalie Hett, Glen, Pam and Kyle Hett, Jim and Carol Hett, Gene and Traci, Luke, Seth and Jack Lanning, Willard Hett, Herman and Iva Unruh, Alberta Pritz, Bill Darrow, Carrie Darrow, Jarvis Whiteman, Jess Whiteman, Justin Whiteman, Gerri Williams, Don and Dawn, Quint, Jeremy and Alli Hett, Eldon and Rhonda Hett, Kevin and Krissy Moler, Jim and Kaye Darrow, Gary and Barbara, Garrett, Cade and Will Hett, Steve and Barb Hett, Dwight and Julie, Bryce Nelson and Ellen Darrow.

Others: Eileen Hett, Emporia; Clifford and Evelyn Hett, Peabody; Donna Hoberecht, Woodinville, Washington; Wilbur and Florence Hett, Hillsboro; Justin and Brea Hett, Park City; Keith and Betty Unruh, Wichita; Jake, Max and Grace Unruh, Wichita; Wendy Hett, Florence; Robert and Leah Sellers, Florence.

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