PARTLY NONSENSE- Is that my stomach or my cell phone?

Ever since I got my new cell phone I have always set it to vibrate instead of ring. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t like to hear those things go off with all the goofy sounds they make and songs they play.

There is one problem, however, with using the vibrate mode. Around lunch time when my stomach grumbles I think my phone is ringing.

The power going off several times this past week created lots of havoc again.

Even though we have battery backups for our computers, the power was off long enough for the batteries to die. For some reason the computers’ brains get confused and settings have to be put back like they were.

It also dumped our Dish Network DVR again at home. My least favorite thing is to go to the dentist and my second least favorite is to call Dish tech support. We haven’t had cable for many years, but the next problem with satellite could be the last.

Isn’t America great? If you have problems with one provider you can switch and have problems with a new one. I guess all one can do is try.

I went on the Web to see what Rolling Stones tickets were selling for in Wichita-not that I was planning on going. The cheapest ticket was $34 and the highest priced was about $1,200.

Looks to me like they are priced very similarly-too high.

I needed new wiper blades for one of my vehicles, so I went down to CarQuest to get some. What I like about going there is they just come outside and put them on, but before they do that they make sure they have the right ones.

They said, “Do you want the winter blades again?” And I said, “Oh, that’s what you call those.” They’re the ones with the rubber-like material covering the blade mechanism so the ice can’t get in there and keep the blade from conforming to the window.

I always hated it when the frozen blades just went back and forth and smeared the window.

I heard of a new use for cell phones last week. A guy was trying to get his satellite dish lined up for the best signal but couldn’t see or hear the TV when he was outside adjusting the dish.

Solution: Call your cell phone from a phone or cell phone in the house and place it next to the TV. Then when you’re outside lining up the dish you can hear on your cell phone if the signal is getting stronger or worse as you move it around.

Most folks in our Free Press distribution area won’t know it unless we tell them that our Hesston newspaper has been sold to a family moving to central Kansas to trade big-city life for rural-community life.

Robb and Martha Reeves of Conroe, Texas, will be the new owners and publishers of the Hesston Record effective this Friday. They have also purchased the Halstead Independent and Moundridge Ledger newspapers.

We are impressed with the credentials they bring and look forward to them making a positive difference in these sister communities.

The Ledger was nearly ready to close, but will continue and have new life under new ownership.

We will be working cooperatively with them between our publications and theirs.

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