Moran links with students via video

Students in Hillsboro High School teacher Jim Robb’s Senior Level American Government class had “face time” last Thursday afternoon via a video conference hookup with Rep. Jerry Moran in Washington, D.C. Robb said he had received an e-mail from the Kansas congressman asking if Robb would be interested in setting up the video link. “He was looking for opportunities to talk with high school students, particularly those in civics or American government classes,” Robb said. “I think he was probably aware of the technology we have available.” Moran responded to questions about gasoline prices and the development of ethanol, as well as the immigration issue and the value of civic education. “We had discussed several things through the course of the school year, but gasoline prices and ethanol or alternative fuel sources usually made those discussions at least once a week,” Robb said about the questions. Moran said speaking to high schoolers is one of the toughest things he does because they seem the least interested in what he has to say.

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