Funding-raising goal of club can continue

After 84 years, the Mentor Study Club, which started in the Hillsboro Library, has voted to disband. We were a group of women who met to enhance our understanding of our community with guest speakers and to raise money for the library and other community needs. Time has depleted our membership, as has the desire of working and retired women to meet.

But my hope in writing this letter is that others in Hillsboro will take up the gauntlet to support our library with personal donations on their own.

The library always needs to purchase books, and it is up to our citizens to give more than what our tax dollars can provide.

A memorial for a loved one can be shared a lot longer than flowers. If each of us gave a few dollars now and again, the library could purchase books as needed.

I wish to thank all the members of the Mentor Study Club for the enriching experience, and their friendship. I will miss meeting you: Roma Becker, Betty Bernhardt, Marcella Bruce, Anne Driver, Marilyn Ensz, Elaine Jantzen, Lu Janzen, Marilyn Jost, Elinor Kliewer, Edith Rempel, Hilda Vogt, Mary Wiens and Connee Willis.

Dana Wright


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