PARTLY NONSENSE-The jury’s out on this opportunity

I received a notice of jury duty in the mail last week. It seems as though I have gotten them quite often in the past few years. But when I call the night before to see if I need to appear, I am told it won’t be necessary to come to court. That most likely means the case was settled out of court.

For once I wish I could go just to participate in the legal process. Maybe this time will be different. And it pays $10 per day plus mileage.

Sitting on a jury is serious business because someone else’s life could be affected in a monumental way based on the outcome. On a lighter note, someone once told me when it comes to the jury selection part all you have to say is that you can spot a guilty person from a mile away and you can go home.

I’ll not be doing that, though.

A continuation from last week’s column…. How do you keep an idiot in suspense?

I’ll tell you next week.

Saturday night we went to dine at the Olde Towne Low-German buffet. We struck up a conversation with two women across the aisle who had been in town all day for the Arts and Crafts Fair.

They seemed to be quite giddy about how the day had gone. Then they confessed they were so excited when they hit town that they didn’t pay attention to where they had parked their car.

When it came time to take packages back to the vehicle, they couldn’t find it. They thought they had walked two miles just trying to locate the car.

Now those are the kind of people we have come to love to welcome as our guests on that glorious day.

I’ll admit I am not a booth shopper during the fair. Food is the only thing that attracts my attention. My only regret is that the fair is only one day and there is only so much a person can eat eight hours.

It would be great to be able to eat at every food concession. It was a good day as I had a cinnamon roll, a muffin, two new year’s cookies, a burger, two pieces of pie and countless soft drinks. Oh, I forgot the ice cream bar I had at the Chamber food booth; I have never failed to eat one of those bars.

I always help on West Grand for setup during the early morning hours on Saturday. There was a woman from Iowa who had never been here before and she was amazed at the turnout.

When she asked if the wind always blew this way, I had my opening. I said, “No, sometimes it blows the other way.”

And Sunday it did blow the other way.

There has been a lot of attention paid in the sports pages lately to losing ballgames on the road-specifically in reference to the Jayhawks. I stayed up late Friday to watch KU’s double-overtime loss to Toledo and was left scratching my head.

All I can say is that it must be a mental problem. The coach is paid enough. The players are big, skilled and fast enough. How else can this phenomenon be explained?

The item about keeping an idiot in suspense earlier in this column was a joke.

We have officially switched from margarine to butter in our household. According to everything we have read about the pros and cons of fake butter, the facts tilt toward eating butter. Plus it tastes much better.

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