Physician makes county comeback in Peabody

Physician Randy Whitely has returned to serving the medical needs of Marion County.

Whitely, who practiced in Hillsboro and more recently in Hesston, said he cares about the new equipment and services he can offer at Heritage Medical Associates, 500 W. 4th, in Peabody.

In particular, Whitely is expanding obstetrical services with office examinations using new ultrasound equipment, and maintaining his association with Newton Medical Center for deliveries, he said.

He also has brought back X-ray equipment to the Peabody office.

The office at Peabody formerly was operated by nurse practitioner Ruth Reed, who still maintains her practice at Marion, Whitely said.

The Peabody clinic also includes a dentist, Dale Hague.

Whitely was in practice with Randall Claassen at Hillsboro for five years. He went to Hesston for two years.

Whitely said his wife was “born and raised in Wichita,” and now his three children have their friends and classmates just outside Towanda, where the family lives.

He said their residentce is only a 30-mile commute to Peabody, where he hopes to build services for the Marion County clientele “I cared about. I loved Hillsboro very much.”

He also will do service at the emergency room at Hillsboro Community Medical Center, providing relief for other doctors who need time off.

Whitely opened his doors at Peabody June 23. He hopes the practice will build there, so that he can add another nurse practitioner.

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