Technically, here are the upgrade components…

Hillsboro’s $3.5 million upgrade of its water-treatment plant included the following components:

New water lines installed on Date Street and Willow Road.

Rehabilitation of the 500,000-gallon water tower, including a new paint job and logo.

Fencing around the perimeter of the water-plant campus.

A new automatic generator that will run the entire facility, plus the two pumphouses on site.

New backwash pumps installed on Hillsboro’s clearwell.

New telemetry and electric wiring throughout the plant.

New SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) control system and laptop SCADA control system that will allow staff to operate the plant from remote locations.

Two additional filters containing granular activated carbon and two new consoles to operate all filters.

Bulk carbon feeding system.

New chemical feed pumps and chlorination system.

New chlorine contact basin that allows for a more efficient disinfection process.

Additional upflow clarifier and domes, piping, walkways and appurtenances.

Piping and valves to and from the Rural Water District No. 4 water line that will allow for a secondary source of water in case of emergency.

New pumps at the reservoir.

Fresh paint on walls, ceiling, roof and piping. New chemical-resistant epoxy flooring through the facility.

Variable speed drives installed on backwash pumps and raw-water pumps.

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