PARTLY NONSENSE- This child was not left behind

“No child left behind” is nothing new.

Back in the early 1950s, I played little league baseball in Mountain Lake, Minn. We were playing a game in a neighboring town about 15 miles from home. I wasn’t the best player on the team. So, since I wasn’t playing, I wandered off to the river near the ball field to watch some guys who were fishing.

The time must have passed pretty quickly because I looked up and saw the bus heading out of town without me on it.

In a panic, I started running and waving my arms. Someone must have seen me because the bus stopped and I jumped on.

I didn’t get left behind.

Nancy and I are having the time of our lives since last Wednesday, when we picked up grandsons Alex and Louis from the airport in Wichita. We’ll have had them for a week to ourselves by the time their parents arrive this Wednesday for a visit.

Has anyone else noticed the ads for other TV shows that pop up at the bottom of the screen during programming are getting bigger and bigger? Soon the real program will be invisible.

The boys and I took in the Goessel Country Threshing Days parade on Saturday morning. They didn’t ask to leave once, even though it was very hot.

We had a unique experience with a piece of candy that was thrown our way. Louis gave a piece to me because he didn’t want it. Then this guy comes walking by with a tub of candy to give away. I put the piece back that wasn’t wanted and then Louis picked it back out of the tub again.

The new Hillsboro aquatic center pool is definitely a winner. After we got back from the parade, we decided to head for the pool. I hadn’t been there yet and it is definitely first rate. What is there not to like about it?

The big water slide is a kick, although I felt a little dizzy when I hit the bottom-but not too dizzy because I went several more times.

We tried to leave three times before we finally got out of there. The boys said they were ready to go, and then would get back in the water.

We headed up to the Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure west of Salina. It really is quite a place to see. We discovered bargain tickets on the Web site, so made it a great outing at half the price.

We saved the museum for last since it was air conditioned. It is full of dioramas of wild animals in their habitats from all over the world, along with the sounds such as lions roaring and elephants trumpeting to name a few.

The first thing Louie said was, “Are you sure all of the animals in here are stuffed?”

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