PARTLY NONSENSE- Hunger determines the final cut

I’ve been pondering the following question for a while. Does a cold-meat and cheese sandwich taste better if it’s cut in half before chomping down on it?

The answer is probably definitely yes unless you are really hungry.

Had the good fortune to record four episodes of “Hee Haw” Saturday night on CMT. I’ll have to watch them privately as Nancy really doesn’t care for that type of entertainment.

Speaking of questions. We have a poll question with four options on the Free Press Web site asking for your opinion regarding the strong potential of a sales tax question being placed on the ballot by the Marion County Commissioners for a building a new jail in Marion County.

Personally, I’d like them to thoroughly research other options besides building a new one. We’ll never be able to tax ourselves into prosperity.

The front-page headlines in the Wichita Eagle and the Hutchinson News this past Friday were interesting to me about the school finance lawsuit ruling handed down by the Kansas Supreme Court.

The Eagle’s read: “Court dismisses school funding lawsuit.”

The News’s read: “Court approves school funding plan.”

I didn’t say one was better than the other; they both mean about the same thing.

We received a news release encouraging consumers to voluntary pay cigarette and sales taxes on cigarettes purchased out of state via mail order or on the Internet.

If you purchase cigarettes outside of Kansas without paying the taxes, you should voluntarily pay 79¢ per pack sales tax to the Kansas Department of Revenue, plus the state rate of 5.3 percent and any county or local sales taxes.

I use the previous tidbit as an example of how complicated and convoluted we have let the world become regarding taxation. It is virtually impossible for governments to impose and collect everything that is due. And I am sure there are many folks who aren’t paying taxes because they don’t even know they exist.

I heard the collection of aluminum cans to raise funds for materials to replace Ivan Nickel’s roof has been going really well, but has slowed down a bit. When the story first appeared in the Free Press there was about one 50-gallon barrel of cans collected per day. So, if you haven’t taken your cans by Ivan’s house there is still time to contribute your empties to this worthy project.

Plans are to redo the roof on Labor Day weekend.

The U.S Congress’s recent discussions on the minimum wage are laughable as they wring their hands about why nothing has been done about it.

Do they really care? Their pay goes up dramatically and automatically without so much as a vote.

The numbers keep rising on our Free Press free-access Web site. We can track how many unique visitors we have each day, and what stories and how many stories are being read.

In the first three days after uploading last week’s news, the feature on comparing the annual percentage rate when shopping for a mortgage was read 512 times.

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