PARTLY NONSENSE- Relay helps us care and remember

This year’s Marion County Relay for Life committee pulled off a record fund-raising effort surpassing the goal of $34,000 by nearly $5,000. About 1,600 luminaries in honor and memory of cancer victims surrounded the track at Marion Field this past Friday night-which caused one to pause and reflect on how many families and individuals are affected by the disease. It is amazing what good can happen when all of the communities pull together for a common cause.

The break in the record-setting high temperatures came at just the right time to make for a beautiful evening of remembering and caring.

When I heard the news that reruns of “Hee Haw” will be back on television, I was really excited. There was something special about that show.

It was corny enough to make you wonder why you ever watched it in the first place, but I never tired of Junior Samples saying, “Dial BR 549.”

I read an article recently in the Alliance for Retired Americans newsletter that states drug companies profits will have increased by $2 billion per year with the new Plan D drug plan. No wonder, since there is no provision for negotiating prices with the drug companies under the new law.

In an earlier newsletter published by the Alliance, I read an article about the five stages of retirement.

The first stage starts about 15 years before actual retirement, where one dreams of the fantastic life one will have when the magic day comes. The second stage starts shortly before that day comes, when you realize there won’t be nearly enough money put away to live that dream.

The next stage is when the day comes and you quit work but find that after a year of doing nothing it doesn’t seem so great after all. That leads you to the next stage, where you are in search of something to do. The final stage is experiencing what retirement is really like when you finally settle in, which may include some type of work but not at previous levels.

I’m not sure what I am going to do about my retirement, but it likely will include something other than sitting in a rocker. For sure, our plans will find us much closer to the grandchildren.

If you always thought clowning around would be a fun thing to do, then here’s a perfect opportunity. Each business owner in Marion County has been challenged by fair president Chuck McLinden to either recruit a clown from within its ranks or find one to represent the business in this year’s fair parade coming up Aug. 9.

If you need help pulling it off, call the Hillsboro Chamber office for information.

I have always thought Habitat for Humanity was a great concept and should be supported. At the same time, I have often felt our youth never get enough credit for the good things they do.

This past Saturday, I witnessed a group of high school students from Hillsboro’s First and Trinity Mennonite churches working together with adults from those same churches on two Habitat houses going up in Kansas City, Kan. And it wasn’t just our kids at work. Other kids and adult sponsors from Missouri were working side-by-side to create affordable housing for others in need.

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