EDITORIAL- Save now, then later

It will take a collective effort, but in these days of outrageous summer heat, we Hillsboro residents can save ourselves some cool cash down the road if we make an effort to put off some of our household chores until after 8 p.m., or complete them before 8 a.m.

Anything we residents can do to reduce our consumption of electricity during “peak usage” periods will make a positive difference on our utility bill in 2007. Why? Because electrical rates for an entire calendar year are based on the amount of electricity consumed on the few days we use the most of it.

We wouldn’t expect people to shut down their air-conditioning systems in the afternoon-although it would help, of course. But almost all of us can delay noncritical chores such as washing and drying clothes, running the dishwasher and baking with the oven until the cooler parts of the day.

We may have had our highest “peak day” on Monday, when temperatures soared to 110 to 113 degrees, depending on your temperature reference. But anytime the thermometer hits 100 degrees, let’s assume our electricity-conservation program is in effect. Voluntarily, of course. -DR

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