Friends and neighbors rally with assistance in time of need

Marvin Ratzlaff (foreground) and Bert Jost were two of several local farmers who volunteered machinery and time last week to work ground for Harold Kasper, a neighbor and friend who was laid up suddenly a few days earlier with a physical disability. Gordon Dalke, the Kaspers’ nearby neighbor, organized the effort. Last Monday, Ratzlaff and Jost joined with Paul Penner and Ron Bartel to work wheat stubble ground near the Kasper farm one-half mile north of Hillsboro. The following day, Jack Regier, Rex Regier, Ervin Ediger, Gerald Jost, Dennis Penner and Gary Wiens were among those who pitched in to help work additional ground. Joan Jost provided the Tuesday group with a light lunch. In all, more than 200 acres were worked up in a matter of hours.

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