PARTLY NONSENSE-It’s a good listening solution

Some men might be able to relate to what I am about to say. When my wife is talking to me, I only hear the last part of what she said. Then I kind of gaze at her, trying to make sense of what she just said and somehow fill in the blanks so I can reply with something that sounds lucid.

She came up with a solution on the trip we took to Colorado a couple of weeks ago. Just before she was going to say something to me she would tap me on the arm-and then talk.

It worked really well. I suddenly was hearing everything she said. There is a solution to practically everything if one puts her mind to it.

This past Tuesday I lost my car in Hillsboro. You would think that would be hard to do, but it happened.

After work, when I was ready to go home, I reached in my pocket for my key and it wasn’t there. I went out the back door of the building to see if the car was there. It wasn’t. So I walked home, figuring it would be parked out back. Not there either. Hmmmm.

It was already after 6 p.m., so I gazed up and down Main Street and thought I spotted it parked in front of the hardware store. As I walked that direction, it became obvious it was there.

Even crazier than losing the car is that I have no recollection of driving it that day. Is this what getting older is all about?

I didn’t see it happen, but heard it. I was in the grocery store talking with the Vogts when the smash-up occurred in Vogt’s parking lot this past week.

It’s a miracle no one was injured, although it did cause a few fast heartbeats for those who were close to the action. I had almost parked where the car that was hit, but decided against it and parked across from the entry instead. Otherwise, we would be looking for a replacement right now.

I sent the grandsons a Monk-email to see if they wanted to dress up like clowns and go through the Marion County Fair parade Aug. 9. Knowing how much fun they like to have, I thought it would be an automatic yes.

Well, I received a Monk-email back that went something like this: “We’re down on the clown thing but we would like to ride through the parade in the truck and throw things out the window.” I presume they meant candy, but I know they also like to throw water balloons.

When I was in my early 20s, I was told by a dentist that I needed to have my wisdom teeth pulled. I looked in my wallet then and decided I would wait a while. Now, 40 years later, it has become a necessity.

Only two of the teeth are coming out, but both are on the same side. Hope I can still hold my head up straight when it’s over.

One of the debates, among many, in Wichita is whether $180 million to $220 million should be spent on a new terminal at Mid-Continent Airport. I would suspect a person wouldn’t get in and out any quicker and that the food prices would escalate (not that it would affect me).

We’re working on a plan to get the Cameli boys to fly to Kansas ahead of their parents at fair time to spend some quality (spoil ’em rotten) time with their grandparents. They’re a little nervous about it, but I think the lure of the Aquatic Center will tip the scales.

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