CRP signup in county yields 1,170 acres

Farmers planning to earn and receive farm program payments and benefits from the U.S. Department of Agriculture are required by existing farm-bill regulations to file acreage reports for all cropland on their enrolled farms.

Terms within the Direct & Counter-cyclical Program (DCP) and Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) make it mandatory for producers to report by Aug. 1 of each year all cropland acreage, which may include haylands and other land uses.

Common crops to report at this time are corn, sorghums, soybeans, cotton, sunflowers, CRP and alfalfa.

Reporting producers should be prepared to accurately certify planted acres and provide approximate planting dates on a field-by-field basis.

If you have continuing coverage under a Noninsured Assistance Program (NAP) policy, an acreage and prior year’s production report is also required.

Producers have until only Aug. 1 to file their 2006 crop year final acreage reports. Timely reporting is necessary to determine and maintain USDA programs compliance.

Producers reporting after established deadlines are subject to late filing fees of $25 per farm.

Acreage reports from the farm operator, owner, or a person authorized as valid power of attorney for either may be accepted.

Currently, a large number of producers in Marion County have yet to file final acreage reports. Those who have not yet reported should call the county office at 620-382-3714 to schedule an appointment to complete these duties.

Producers should also keep in mind that any recent changes in their farm operations as a result of recent land purchases or sales need to reported to county Farm Service Agency personnel by no later than Aug. 1.

Bill Harmon is executive director of the FSA in Marion County.

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