Teachers back in schoolto learn technology tips

Thirteen USD 410 teachers participated in the first of two two-week sessions on learning to integrate technology into their classrooms.

This is the third year the district has offered the course, called “Intel Teach to the Future with Support from Microsoft.”

Led by fellow teacher Maura Wiebe, who has been trained to lead the course, the class has a two-fold purpose: (1) to enhance their classroom instruction with the use of technology, and (2) to show students how to use such tools themselves.

Each session is open to a group of teachers that has not taken the course. To encourage participation, the district budgets $2,000 to be used by each teacher who participates. The money can be spent on equipment and supplies needed to implement what they’ve learned in the class.

On Friday, 12 of the 13 teacher-students presented what they learned in the class and how it will be used to enhance a specific unit or project that is already part of their curriculum.

Participating in sessions were Melissa Stenfors, Keli Chisholm, Doug Dick, Tracy Boldt, Michele Berans, Janet Whisenhunt, Shirley Baltzer, Lynn Just, Kathy Koop, Bruce Major, Stuart Holmes, and Michelle Goldsby.

A second session with new teachers is planned for the two weeks of July.

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