Stultz plumbing business focused on service

Since early 2006, Harold Stultz, rural Hillsboro, has been offering licensed and insured plumbing services to the Hillsboro, Goessel and Newton area.

A master plumber, Stultz specializes in water softener and osmosis sales and service, remodel and new construction, water heaters, water and sewer line replacement, and now heating and air-conditioning service as well.

A series of circumstances led Stultz to his current position as a small-business owner. He had been employed as a lead service plumber for Graber’s of Newton for about nine years when he was seriously injured on the job.

Though left with some permanent disability, Stultz was able to physically recover, but felt he needed to quit his job.

“I wasn’t looking to go into business for myself,” he said. “But some things happened when I got hurt that really opened my eyes. My wife and I prayed about it continually and it became clear I needed to start my own plumbing business.”

Stultz works from a fully-stocked mobile unit and is reachable through a local Hillsboro number (947-2866), a 316 cell phone (316-217-1766) and a toll-free business number (1-888-4-STULTZ).

It is important to him that his customers get quick, quality service.

“I know I can give the customer a better deal because I don’t have the large overhead and proficiency quota issues to deal with,” he said. “I can be available at all hours and don’t have to charge extra overtime rates just to give some needed help.”

Due to the recent move of his brother, Mike, and his family to the Goessel area, Stultz Plumbing Service now offers experienced heating and air conditioning service as well.

“Mike came here from Oklahoma with a master-mechanic license and 20-plus years experience in the heating and air conditioning field,” Stultz said. “It’s just amazing how the timing of all this worked. We know, once again, God was instrumental in putting the pieces of the puzzle together.”

The Stultz brothers want to develop positive, long-term relationships with their customers, even on the small jobs. Initial estimates are free.

“It’s so nice to be able to just do what you think is right regarding how you treat the customers, how you manage your time, and how you run your business,” Stultz said.

“I am able to concentrate on one customer at a time and get done what needs to be done for them, before moving on to the next job-something I wasn’t always able to do before I owned my own business.

“I put myself out there to treat my customers as I would want to be treated,” Stultz said. “I will answer any questions up front, and my customers know I am there to get them the best deal and to get their problems taken care of as quickly as possible.

“I will not do a job without letting a customer know an idea of the money they’re going to have to spend.”

Even with the recent exapansion of the business, Stultz said he is able to meet more customer needs while still making family a priority.

“Scheduling my own time is a big payoff,” he said. “I can help my wife, Jennifer, with the farm and I can make it to the activities my four children are involved in. Plus, I can still give my customers and their problems the attention needed.

“My life is more about helping people and being there now-and that is where God has led me.”

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