PARTLY NONSENSE- Business ‘experts’ say they can do it better….

I know this happens to everyone who is in business. There are others who know how to run your business better than you do.

Sometimes what you hear makes you think about how you do things and realize that some suggestions make sense and make you wonder why you haven’t thought of it sooner. I, for one, appreciate constructive criticism.

At other times, you get boiling mad because if they knew the whole story they might not say what they do.

I could give some examples but this column isn’t that long. So, to keep things short, I am open to suggestions that are well thought out and relevant.

It always amazes me how much I can learn whenever I go somewhere or just get out and mingle.

On Saturday, I was recycling what had accumulated at the house for the past few months. At the drop-off center, I learned there are little Box Tops coupons like the one pictured here that are worth 10¢ each to every elementary school in our distribution area.

The person who informed me of this didn’t want her name used but I appreciated learning of this. Can you imagine how much could be raised each year if everyone pitched in and saved these little pieces of cardboard?

One thousand of these, which would be only one per Hillsboro household per year, would yield $100. Take it times 52 weeks and you’re talking some real money for the school.

If your car has the windows rolled down, is it safer to lock the doors?

Can you “roll down” the windows in your car anymore? I push a button.

I have always enjoyed phrases that don’t make sense and sound really funny, like the one coined decades ago by a Lehigh youth whom I can’t remember. It went like this:

Is it further from Lehigh to Newton or by bus?

Late the other night I was surfing the TV on Dish and found a station that was examining the topic of Net Neutrality, which refers to keeping the Internet as it is now where an individual has an even playing field with the wealthiest corporation.

It appears there’s a movement afoot by the telecom companies to change all of that. They want to make a better, faster Internet for those who can pay and leave the rest behind.

In short, there would be two levels of Internet: a fast highway to the world and a slower version for the masses who aren’t able to pay more.

Stay tuned.

If this concerns you, it would be a good idea to contact your representative in Congress sooner than later.

I am keeping my eye on Internet telephone, but am not quite ready to switch. It is quite a bit less costly per month but has an entry fee to consider. There may be quality issues that need to be resolved as well.

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