McPherson law firm to fill Main Street void

The professional and physical void created on Main Street by the departure of attorney John Johnson after 30-plus years of practice in Hillsboro will soon be filled.

The Bremyer & Wise law firm of McPherson has announced plans to establish a law practice in Hillsboro. Brett Reber, the firm’s managing partner, said he and his six partners are excited about opening the new office at Johnson’s 120 N. Main location, which will be remodeled.

“We have talked about expanding regionally for some time and have always admired Hillsboro and the surrounding communities,” Reber said.

“While expanding into the Hillsboro area always seemed like a natural fit for our practice, we had been reluctant to come into an area that was well served by local lawyers,” he added.

“With John leaving to practice with his daughter in Lawrence, we felt there was a need for a full-time law office.”

He said his firm would begin answering the phone June 5 and be up and running by June 19.

Founded in 1886 by Frank O. Johnson, a charter member of the city of McPherson, Bremyer & Wise is one of the oldest law firms in Kansas.

“One of the things we’re proud of is our continuity and longevity,” Reber said. “We’ve been in McPherson for 120 years now. Some of our clients are second- and third- and even fourth-generation clients.

“That should be a comfort to people that we’re not going to go anywhere.”

The firm’s seven active lawyers are licensed to practice law in Kansas, Oklahoma and Colorado and concentrate in different areas of the law.

“With seven lawyers specializing in different areas of the law, we feel well qualified to address most legal matters that confront clients in central Kansas,” Reber sid. “We practice in a small firm, but are able to offer a little more specialization than what you would normally expect in a small-town law firm.”

With her expertise in elder law and estates, Jill Bremyer-Archer will be the primary attorney in residence at the Hillsboro office, Reber said. But all seven attorneys will be accessible there.

“While the work can be done remotely in this high-tech age, our firm’s style is to be present and involved in the community,” Reber said.

The Bremyer & Wise partners and their areas of specialization are:

Brett A. Reber: corporate, trusts and estates, general practice, arbitration, mediation.

Robert W. Wise, corporate, trusts and estates, general practice, arbitration, mediation;

Casey R. Law, commercial law, collections, foreclosures, real estate, employment law, civil litigation, appellate practice.

Randee Koger, trusts and estates, taxation.

David N. Harger, litigation, personal injury, insurance, criminal law, commercial litigation, financial litigation.

Jeffrey A. Houston, business law, trusts and estates, real estate, banking law, corporate law, health care, probate, trial practice, elder law, collections, general practice.

Jill Bremyer-Archer, adoption law, elder law, guardianship and conservatorship, wills, probate, trusts and estates.

“The firm is pleased with the potential of establishing a presence in Hillsboro,” Reber said. “Hillsboro has a progressive and business attitude that you can just feel.

“That’s what intrigues our firm about this community. It is apparent that Hillsboro works hard to maintain a high quality of life for its residents and a positive environment for its remarkable business and industrial base.

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