PARTLY NONSENSE- Division of labor is an ongoing discovery

It was bound to be featured sooner or later. There in big letters at the top of my daily paper it says “Division of Labor: How local couples divvy up chores.”

If you’ve been married a long time, like we have, this topic causes sparks to fly. I have always thought the laundry basket had two purposes. One was to hold dirty laundry and the other was to store the clean laundry.

I have recently learned it isn’t even acceptable to pile up clean clothes neatly on the floor behind the bed. To me that makes sense because you can see exactly what there is to wear.

The big Memorial Day weekend is upon us. It is a time to remember those who have gone before us and those who fought and died to make us free.

A big celebration is planned in Hillsboro with lots to do starting Friday night and running through Monday. Area towns also have things planned. Check this week’s issue for details.

I forgot to mention that cooking is part of the daily chore routine. That’s an area where I am quite limited. I have my specialties, but you can’t eat pancakes for every meal. Just Sunday morning, after 40 years, I learned that dry measure and liquid measure are two different things.

Here’s a suggestion for employers around town. How about purchasing a Family Festival button for your employees and maybe their spouses too? It’s a small price for an entire weekend of fun.

Here’s a feat that took two feet to beat the previous best by two feet.

Tyler Kaufman did it at the regional track meet in Marion this past Friday. By beating his previous triple jump best ever by two feet, Tyler is now going to the state track and field meet in Wichita this weekend along with a strong contingent of teammates.

If you haven’t seen Marion’s new track, it is an awesome venue for a track and field meet. A new surface was laid this spring, I was told. It rivals any facility you’ll find anywhere.

When son Dan was little, my dad would let him pound nails into a sawed-off tree stump. It didn’t matter if the nails went in straight. The more the better.

From there he moved on to making a jewelry hanger for his mom from a 2×4.

Recently, we received a Rejuvenation Lighting and House Parts catalog from Seattle that features a photo of a splendid kitchen he built in a large older home in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle. Wish my dad could see what his little grandson has done.

We have a motto on the wall at the Free Press: Perfection is our goal, excellence will be tolerated.

We weren’t happy with the way the graduation section turned out last week-and neither was our printer, the Wichita Eagle. Both parties agreed it needed to be reprinted, so we are sending it out again.

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