PARTLY NONSENSE- JTI is our best hope for rain

Heard around town: If you want it to rain, just schedule the James Thomas Invitational track meet. Friday marked the third consecutive year inclement weather nixed the meet, which was named in honor of the longtime Hillsboro High School athletic director five years ago.

Planners wised up this year and had a backup date just in case. It’s a great spectacle and deserves a backup date.

I keep reading about people who occasionally win big money in state lotteries, including ours. Andy Rooney had it right when he was wondering why the losers didn’t get equal time in the spotlight.

But then there wouldn’t be time to highlight the millions of people in that category.

Here’s a new definition of possibly being a little too tired. I know a a guy who fell asleep while having his teeth cleaned at the dentist last week.

For a while, I wondered where I was and then I heard someone say, “He just took a little nap.” The dentist office is one of my least favorite places to go, so maybe it’s a new escape mechanism I’ve developed.

“CSI: Hillsboro.” Last Tuesday we began receiving reports that some kids were going around and picking up our newspapers that had already been delivered to homes. It seemed impossible that someone would do that. After all, the papers are free. All you have to do is come to the office or go to one of the quick shops and get one.

Upon further investigation, we found out one of our carriers had solicited the help of a friend to deliver his route last week. The friend mistakenly took papers to the wrong houses so they were just doing the responsible thing by picking up the already delivered ones and correcting the error.

We were even told they did it in broad daylight.

Before we fully knew what had occurred, we debated around whether taking a free newspaper qualifies as stealing. We concluded it was because once a paper is placed on the porch or doorknob it becomes the property of the homeowner.

The good news is that kids are responsible and we appreciate their efforts on our behalf to deliver your paper each week.

This Thursday night marks the beginning of the newly created Hillsboro Farmer’s Market , which is scheduled for every Thursday through the summer into the fall. I’ve heard one gentleman has already forgotten about planting tomatoes this year because he can get them at the farmer’s market.

Sisters Sheryl Lehr and Joni Calam have lots of great ideas to try this year, from food to music to garage-sale night. Stop in and see for yourselves. You might want to see what will turnip.

This Friday and Saturday are the big community-wide garage sales in Hillsboro and Marion. If you need more stuff for the house, garage or yard, this is your time to make hay. Be careful. The traffic will be heavy.

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