PARTLY NONSENSE- Fair Tax is a reasonable idea for us

I’m starting to like the Fair Tax idea, which is basically a national sales tax.

The IRS tax code has become so convoluted and cumbersome that it is time for a change. The sales tax would remove the inequities and eliminate favoritism from Congressional representatives to the lobbyists. Those who operate without records (cash) would pay taxes.

The more you spend, the more tax you pay. The more you save, the less tax you would pay. Businesses already collect sales tax, so it would add one more line to the form. What could be simpler than this idea?

We have been receiving and sending Monk-e-mail from and to the Cameli’s for a while now. It is a real hoot.

You can send e-mail to anyone through the lips of a monkey with options for clothing, hair, background and voice.

You simply type in the text of your message and have the monkey say it.

The speaking is a little off rhythm, but you can control it with a few extra spaces here and there. If you want to try it, here’s the link: http://careerbuilder. com/monk%2De%2Dmail/

Is a coconut a fruit or a nut? It must be a nut because it’s part of the name.

I made a quick trip to Des Moines, Iowa, this weekend for the Midwest Free Community Paper Association’s spring conference. I drove up early Friday and returned Saturday afternoon.

On the way back, I was going crazy trying to remember what I had for lunch on Friday. It was beginning to bug me more and more until I finally remembered I didn’t have time for lunch.

We’re getting a lot of positive feedback on our new format for the Free Press. Many folks have said they like the two sections because then “she” can read the front and “he” can read the sports at the same time. Then they can switch when finished.

I only read the sports first when I know there is something in there I want to read. Otherwise, it is a methodical read from front to back.

I took a little time last week to attend the Tabor College track meet at Reimer Field. Track meets are a great spectacle because you can watch several events at one time.

They even had a special 4×100 relay for the weight event participants, which was fun to watch.

While I was watching the meet, a Tabor student said she had never been to a track meet before. I found out she was from a state north of here, so that might explain it.

If you wonder why the ink doesn’t rub off of our newspaper anymore, it’s because it is now printed with soy ink.

Our car has a read-out of miles per gallon while driving down the road, so I thought I would try a little experiment while returning from Iowa.

The difference in mpg between 70 and 55 on the level is about four to five miles per gallon. But it seemed like I wasn’t moving at 55.

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