Florence council affirms work on tree farm

At the April 3 meeting of the Florence City Council, city tree farm manager Leonard Ellis reported on the March 25 seedling planting at the city tree farm.

He said 43 people had registered to help plant 1,900 trees. The tree farm even received a $241 refund for 100 unused seedlings along with a bonus discount off the cost of the project.

The canopied sign from the cemetery that will be replaced by the future gazebo was erected at the tree farm to display information and maps.

Councilors congratulated and thanked everyone who volunteered at the tree farm.

Ellis also suggested a method for storm drain repair that wouldn’t require excessive demolition.

He also suggested that proposed zoning be put up for a public vote to help defuse some disagreement over the zoning.

In other business, the council:

heard that the Planning Commission has presented proposed zoning maps to the city attorney and is awaiting further advice.

announced that Gov. Kathleen Sebelius has designated the Labor Day barbecue competition a state-sanctioned event.

heard that the chlorinator at the water treatment plant had malfunctioned and had to be shut off temporarily due to erratic levels of chlorination.

heard that the next city work day will be May 6 with available community service hours.

will look into ways to curb illegal dumping that continues to take place behind the former city building and at the park on U.S. Highway 50.

asked for a decision to be presented at the next meeting on how to address the issue of the road that encroaches on Venetia Miller’s property.

decided against allowing water sales for construction to take place at the springhouse because of possible traffic hazards on U.S. 50.

asked city workers to repair a fence at the springs to prevent cattle from getting through.

allowed the police department to purchase Microsoft Office computer software.

approved cereal malt beverage license for Wilbur’s Market.

ended the meeting with a 20-minute executive session with no action to follow. Economic development chairperson Sarah Cope was invited into the session for discussion of land acquisition.

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