Florence council picks insurance package for city

The Florence City Council accepted a bid at its March 20 meeting from Continental Western to purchase property and liability insurance for the city for the year ahead.

Bill Hendricks from the Insurance Planning Center attended the meeting to hear the council’s decision.

After clarifying total costs, the council agreed to purchase the Continental Western package for an annual premium of $22,172 with additional fire department coverage at $4,420 per year.

The bid is a savings of almost $2,000 compared to the competing bid.

Del Leeds, Americans with Disabilities Act compliance officer, presented the council with forms to be displayed in the city office. Leeds also presented a list of tentative ADA projects and anticipated dates of completion the recent self-evaluation had determined to be necessary.

The council accepted the ADA timeline and approved purchase of a large bulletin board to be used for display of ADA documents.

The Council also heard that a 20-foot-by-20-foot, eight-sided gazebo has been located for placement at the cemetery. Names of the deceased will be inscribed on interior panels, with one section being reserved for members of the military and the police department.

Part of the funding for the project, estimated to exceed $6,000, will come from the capital improvement fund with another part coming from a donation. More funding will be required for building the foundation and an ADA compliant ramp.

Leonard Ellis, manager of the city-owned tree farm, told the council that state foresters, tree farmers and other volunteers would visit Florence to help plant trees at the tree farm March 24 and 25.

Ellis also informed the council that the city had lost 15 to 18 feet of land due to erosion by the Cottonwood River. The council will look into whether bank stabilization can be done to prevent the city tree farm and the dike from being eroded as well.

Later in the meeting, Ellis donated a ladder to the city when he learned one needed to be replaced.

Finally, the council learned that the owner of the former retirement home in Florence may try to sell the building to Marion County for use as a prison. Even though renovations were not completed, the asking price commands a substantial profit, according to council members.

In other business, the council:

approved a cereal malt beverage license for the Junction Saloon.

approved PRIDE resolution 2006-02, which affirms the city’s commitment to be part of the PRIDE program.

agreed to allow Labor Day participants to use the pool house showers between 5:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Labor Day at $5 per shower.

will send the Planning Commission’s preliminary zoning plan proposal to the city attorney for review and advice.

approved the fire department’s use of money from its special fund to buy a trailer.

heard the water plant was again in need of repairs to bring both filtration units back online.

discussed various options for selling untreated water for construction, agriculture and fire department use.

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